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Do you suffer from Postural-Strain?

Do you suffer from Postural-Strain?

Do you suffer from Postural-Strain? 1100 745 The Healing Waters Spa

Movement begins at innervation. As we are developing as fetuses, movement (more specifically reflexes) creates our musculoskeletal system. Nerve impulses trigger bone and tissue development, both voluntarily and involuntarily.

As we grow and age, our movements become focused around function rather than the free flowing possibilities of movement that our joints and tissues provide.

Awareness Check-In: When was the last time you moved your body without there being a task associated with that movement? When was the last time you jumped, wiggled, bounced, rolled just because?

As a society, we suffer from chronic over and under-use of the body, especially in the day and age of 8-10 hour daily cycles of repetitive work and strain. Please note that postural-strain is not inherently bad. The body is miraculously designed to meet us where weโ€™re at, meaning it will adapt, change, and surrender to our base levels of movement.

So, what can we do about the chronic over/under use of our bodies when it contributes to musculoskeletal pain or discomfort? If your body needs a jump-start into movement, massage can be an excellent tool! Massage therapy often incorporates passive (and active) movements of the body and is a great way for you to become more aware and in wise relationship with your body.

Massage, stretching and exercise can all contribute to relieving the stress and pain associated with postural strain. If there’s one homecare tip we have to share it’s this… move your body, freely, in new patterns and plains. Raise your arms above your head, pump your feet and swing your hips, roll your trunk. Simple movements awaken energy, stimulate circulation, and inspire our nervous systems to relax.

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