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Does the change of the season affect your skin?

Does the change of the season affect your skin?

Does the change of the season affect your skin? 1100 745 The Healing Waters Spa

Month to month, season to season skin changes. It’s almost September which means there’s only 1 month left of getting that hot glow summer skin.

Our seasonal transition lineup is:


Seasonal changes may bring some unwanted guests – the loss of even a light protective tan can bring out blemishes with a vengeance. Wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes, spots, all appear much more pronounced on paler skin. Autumn is a great time to get treatments to renew and protect your skin so you love your skin just as much in fall as in summer.

As summer fades and the days grow shorter, you can stash your flip flops, dust off the hot water bottle, and turn up the heat. The change of season from summer into autumn and beyond isn’t just about what you wear or the temperature; moisture in the air changes, the sun’s UV rays decrease, and we tend to constantly shift with extremes in temperature. These changes can leave your skin drier than in the summer season. You may need to take additional steps to keep your skin moisturised.

When it’s cooler and less humid

Humidity levels reduce in autumn, despite what you might feel like. Dry air draws moisture from your skin, so you’re more likely to feel dry and flaky in autumn and winter, even if your walls are sweating.

As the season begins to change from summer to fall, your skincare regime should alter to richer, more deeply moisturising products, the same way you change your clothes. Heavy duty is the way to go, we’d recommend Yon-Ka AGE DEFENSE Phyto 58 PS (Dry Skin).

Heating and humidifiers

When the heaters come on, low humidity tends to accompany this switch, which means more water evaporates from the skin. This may lead to dryness, cracking, flaking and irritation. You may also end up with a dusky complexion. Adjust the humidity by using a humidifier to keep the air slightly more moist at home, however, remember that the damper your home is, the colder it is. Finding the balance can be difficult in Canada, with damp homes, poor insulation and inadequate heating contrasting with dry office air plaguing many of us. Keep some lip balm, our favourite is G.M. COLLIN® Repair Lip Balm.

Getting from outside to inside

Going from cold to hot and back out again can cause the tiny blood vessels in your face to contract and expand quickly, which can cause them to burst – broken blood vessels and winter go hand in hand. Try to keep temperature changes to a minimum, or warm your skin up slower to ease your vascular burden. We’d recommend a little extra hydration in your skincare like Yon-Ka AGE DEFENSE Hydra No.1 Creme.

Get Wrapping

Mud Wraps are great for rehydrating the skin and adding moisture too. This way the skin regains its charm and also refills its lost essential oils. Mud has some amazing natural qualities which help the skin in retaining its moisture. Our Mud Wrap begins with a salt/sugar scrub in our wet room, followed by a visit to our Private eucalyptus steam room (while we dry the floor and set up a pillowed “bed” for your wrap). When you exit the steam room you then relax on our marble benches (where the scrub was done) that has been comfortably pillowed. You’re then brushed with the wrap product (mud or seaweed) and then are wrapped with a plastic sheet. Then you’re wrapped in a blanket on top of an insulating sheet and left for 20 minutes in a dimmed room. They are then unwrapped and asked to shower with our professional product lines (Yonka Face Wash, GM shower gel, and have an option to wash their hair with Eleven Australia Shampoo and Conditioner). The experience ends with a 30-minute hydrating treatment (lotion application) in one of our treatment rooms!

Steam Sauna or Hammam

Steam Sauna or Hammam can liquify and remove your natural protective skin oils, leading to dryness. Indulge when you need to, but remember to apply a good moisturiser the second you have dried yourself to keep the moisture trapped in and avoid itchy, dry skin.


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