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Get a scrub, for your health!

Get a scrub, for your health!

Get a scrub, for your health! 1100 745 The Healing Waters Spa

We are quick to overlook, judge, or pay no mind at all to our skin until it gives us a problem. It becomes itchy, blemished, reddened or irritated. It ages, sags, slumps and wrinkles. But our skin is our amazing protector and signaler of health. The beautiful thing about our skin is that externally it can be influenced by proper care, but there is a miracle of health right beneath its surface. We just need to scratch it.

Our skin is the interface most exposed to our external environment. It is our first line of defense against a broad range of microorganisms. There are many ways to nourish our skin, but beyond the exterior, we can directly influence our bodies health and immune system by working with this large organ.

Exfoliation, or scratching of the skin, increases the diameter of our vessels. This dilation enhances blood and lymphatic flow allowing for a more rapid substance exchange with interstitial fluid. Simply scratching the skin can serve as a mechanical signal to enhance the immune surveillance system that is hosted within our skin cells.

Our bodies are wonderful miracles, let’s treat them with love and respect! Schedule a full body exfoliation to enrich your health.


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